I'm a curious and versatile Full Stack Developer with a passion for AI and Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA). With a strong foundation in problem-solving and analytical thinking, I thrive on tackling challenges and embracing new technologies.

My Approach

As a team player, I value collaboration and actively seek opportunities to learn from my colleagues. Feedback fuels my growth, and I'm not hesitant to seek guidance when needed. I believe in the power of asking questions and continuously refining my skills through techniques like spaced repetition and active recall.


I leverage my soft skills to complement my technical expertise, which includes proficiency in OOP, Python, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, REST API, GIT,HTML, and CSS.
Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, I bring a multicultural perspective to my work.

Career Interests

Currently, I'm drawn to roles that intersect with my interests in AI and innovative software development. The opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge projects that drive business transformation excites me.

Latest work

codewars profile


As mentioned before, I'm a big fan of DSA, that's why I practice with katas as often as I can.

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Django app

Crafted a practical To-Do List application using Django, honing development skills and proficiency. Employed Django for backend functionality, complemented by Django templates for front-end presentation.